The President's Volunteer Service Award

You have the opportunity to earn The President's Volunteer Service Award!  The Maryland Open Horse Show Series is doing something unique by pairing an awesome show experience with an opportunity to get involved in volunteer service!  We will provide that option through a series of Charity Projects taking place during our monthly shows, starting with the April show.  There are options to get involved and volunteer outside of the show ring.  We will also track your service work in other areas (school, clubs, place of worship, etc.)  with your volunteer work with MOHSS.  You must be a MOHSS member and/or volunteer to qualify to work toward the Award.  MOHSS does not guarantee you will earn this award.  You must meet the qualifications of The President's Volunteer Service Award for your age group and your hours must be well documented and reviewed by Board Member, Lisa Albrecht, who can certify, track your work, order and present the awards.  

Volunteer hours needed to earn the award:

Children (5-10 years old)  

Bronze: 26-49 hours

Silver: 50-74 hours

Gold: 75+ hours

Teens (11-15 years old)

Bronze: 50-74 hours

Silver: 75-99 hours

Gold: 100+ hours

Young Adults (16-25 years old)

Bronze: 100-174 hours

Silver: 175-249 hours

Gold: 250+ hours 

Adults (25 and older)

Bronze: 100-249 hours

Silver: 250-499 hours

Gold: 500+ hours

For MOHSS monthly charity shows, earn Volunteer Service Hours in the following ways:

Board Members: 10+ hours per show you work

Jr. Board Members: 10 hours for your charity month show(s), 6 hours for supporting other JR Board members during their months and performing your other JR Board show duties.

Jr Committee Members:  4 hours for each show you perform your Committee duties and participate in our charity activities.

Riders (who are not on JR Board or JR Committee):  2 hours for each show you participate in and support our charity activities.

Parent Volunteers:  Your hours will vary depending on how many volunteer hours you provide during a MOHSS show.

Additional volunteer hours can also be earned by the Board, JR Board, and JR Committee by attending meeting and working behind the scenes to support the MOHSS and/or our monthly charities.  

 Begin to record/track your volunteer service hours beginning January 1, 2019.  Turn them into Lisa Albrecht during the show series or send them by way of email.  

The following information is needed:                               Example:

The date the volunteer service occurred:                        4/7/19
Who you did it for:                                                            Volunteered at Pleasant View Nursing home
What you did:                                                                    Visited with the seniors and played bingo
Hours of service performed:                                            4 hours
Contact Information:                                                        Mary Smith, Girl Scout Leader   410-754-5454

If you are interested in getting involved in earning the Award, please contact:
Lisa Albrecht


To register, you will need to supply: your full name, address, phone, age as of Jan. 1, 2019 your full birth date, email and an email for your parent.

Use the form below to track your volunteer hours

MOHSS President's Award log (pdf)